Tribute time to Charles Darwin, the man who wrote The Descent of Man more than 150 years ago - tailgating the great scientific debut "On the Origin of Species" in 1859 - wherein Lord of the Flies behavior of humans could be explained in evolutionary terms; we acknowleged - we are animals.

We are still bantering about morality versus capitalism - while we are genetically wired to destroy the competition.  We have the scientific laborous work of dedicated Charles Darwin as proof.  The failure of the Boomer Generation - Republicans and Democrats - Senators and Representatives - is the failure to understand that the Queen Bee does not exist without worker bees.

The Descent of Man is the descent into class warfare.  One entitled class determines the distribution of resources and wealth while the under class suffers the consequences.  The Lord of the Flies behavior has spun out of control; the fallout of natural selection on display among the entitled and elite.

Our animal based behavior is based on the intrinsic group need for survival; our individual human behavior is that it trumps the group dynamic - our wiring has gone wacky and this will detroy us.

The failure of the human species is apparent - government better understand that the destruction of the working class - middle, lower, lower-middle, blue-collar, and younger working force will be the destruction of the American way of life - the loss of the belief in the system will destroy the system.

There will be no more room at the trough very soon because there will be no more trough.


Valentine's Day.............. the holiday where millions upon millions usually spend - millions upon millions on flowers, candy, wine and song......... except not this year. The visionary work of Charles Darwin has been on display via natural selection as the top end of the trough - where the pigs eat - destroys the entire farm. It is Cyanide Valentine as Boomer Driven Generational Warfare has begun.

The selfish behavior of the entitled Boomer Generation living behind protected walls is apparent in the descent of one nominee after another falling under public scrutiny - the microscope stares into the eyes of tax cheats. President Obama's difficulties in filling his cabinet due to the plethora of con artists is undermining his message of change. The only change on display is the descent into Boomer Driven Generational Warfare.

Required reading for young adults in high school and college should be The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin and Lord of the Flies by William Golding.  After all, this will give the upcoming generation a better handle on the mess that is being left by the selfish Boomer Generation.  This is generational warfare - this is the time for sharpened skills of the next generation groomed by technology and education to right the wrongs of their selfish predecessors.  Cyanide Valentine Boomers.

Lord of the Flies, Tough Karma.


The Human Story = Tax Evasion & Reality Television

Karaoke, Blogging & Guitar Hero

It is our chance to be on top, to be in the spotlight, to express ourselves, to grab a piece of the pie; that is our human need after all. We are the species that creates for creation sake- great paintings, sculptures, plays, operas, ballets, jazz, symphonies, films, You Tube, FaceBook, Blogging, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and the mother of all egalitarian inventions, Karaoke.

Karaoke, Blogging, and Guitar Hero are the working class mechanisms to get near a piece of the pie..... in the singing, writing and virtual guitar playing there is the chance to propel oneself and seek dreams of glory. American Idol brought self-ambition out of the closet; American Idol made lust for ambition a household dream come true.  American Idol capitalized on the dream, incorporated the dream, making reality television a national stage.

The Internet gave rise to milllions of bloggers around the world, the accessible means of communication dominates the news world as it waters down its accuracy. Guitar Hero allows the dream to personify itself in a protected manner; private dreams come true.

Karaoke machines enable every working class stiff to chase their dreams every night in a lonely bar somewhere on the edge of town in America.  

It is the human story of survival, the element of drama within survival of the fittest– reality television utilizes an amalgamated version of this Lord of the Flies climb to the top: Survivor, The Apprentice, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Top Chef, Project Runway, Real Chance at Love, Rock of Love.

Richard Hatch, the first winner on the Survivor series stamped human greed on the winnings by failing to pay taxes on the windfall earnings – sound familiar?

The same greed propelled Wall Street executives to give greedy managers exorbitant bonuses for their failed management of failed corporations that betrayed American investors and shareholders. President Obama used the word “shameful” to describe Wall Street executives who walked away with $18.4 billion in bonuses from companies in the financial sector that were being bailed out by the American taxpayers to the tune of $700 billion dollars in government funds.

Middle class, lower-middle class, and working class men and women watch the protected Greedy class continually fail to pay taxes - whether in government service or the private sector - or steal bonuses on their way out the door.  The internet and 24 hours news cycle on television have shed the mask of greed.

Tax Evasion & Reality Televsion, Tough Karma.


No Global Well-Being = Global Tough Karma


"One thing happens some distant place, the repercussions reach your own place.  Destruction of your neighbor as enemy is essentially destruction of yourself."

 The Dalai Lama - exiled leader of the Tibetan people - cannot go home.  He made this statement outside his homeland with his phenomenal ability to reference the repercussions for humanity amid the details of the Tibetan people's oppression and struggle to regain their freedom, security and homes.

Bernie Madoff - financial swindler under house arrest for the Ponzi Scheme Deluxe - goes home every night.  He made no statement regarding his criminal ability to ignore the repercussions for humanity amid the details of the financier's stock market swindle that left individual investors and charitable organizations struggling to regain their savings, security and lives.

Bernie Madoff goes home every night to his luxurious apartment in New York City.  Meanwhile Federal prosecutors have stated that that the cantankerous 70-year Madoff violated his bail by mailing about $1 million worth of jewelry and other assets to relatives. Bernie continues to throw up the middle finger to thousands of individuals — people who lost all their savings investing with Madoff.  Tough Karma.

The Dalai Lama has no homeland, his country Tibet is under seige.  The spiritual leader travels the world teaching the wisdom of forgiveness - even of his oppressors, seeking to reduce hatred in our crazy, out of control world.  "Look at humanity as a whole.  Today's reality: whole world almost like one body. Our future depends on global well-being."

Global repercussions of selfish financiers in hedge funds, international banks and charities around the globe outweigh the charitable genuine spirit and intellectual capacity of the human race, humane leadership is ignored. 

Bernie Madoff walks free, the Dalai Lama remains exiled. 

No Global Well-Being = Global Tough Karma


America Seeks Change = New Generation Takes the World Stage


Transformational Barack Obama is the President Elect of America - #44 in post-racial America. Illuminating our deepest beliefs and convictions - that we are all part of this participatory democracy and that every voice deserves to be heard.  The people spoke loud and clear and elected Barack Obama, the transformational figure in our times, to be the 44th President of the United States, he won resoundingly.

The story line is the inclusiveness of America - the unity of small town rural voters with suburban voters with big city voters. Among the races, the unity of black voters with brown voters with yellow voters with white voters. Across the economic divide, the unity of middle class voters and working class voters with blue collar voters.  Even among mainstream Christian voters, Mormon voters, and Prostetant voters who voted alongside Jewish voters.  Within the generations, the unity of young voters casting their votes for President of the United States for the first time in their lives - with middle-aged and older voters.

It was not just his rhetorical capabilities that swooned us into complacent votes -  nor was it the fact that  his bi-racial background makes his unique American experience and character representative of the next wave of young voters that opened the door, it was everything that he espoused - that was mirrored in his campaign of inclusiveness. 

After years and years of political leaders and political parties reminding us of our differences and playing on those differences to tear us apart while reaping the fortunes of our hard work - escalating the threat to our country's very existence from within by destroying our basic American values of fair play, everyone has rights, immigrants play a role, education is a birthright, separation of church and state, the color of our skin does not matter, the content of our character should prevail.

The divide line between red and blue states has to end - the divide line between east coast and west coast versus middle America has to end - the divide line between gay and straight folks has to end - the color line had to end to let our country triumph again.

The story line of this year is that the greatest threat to the American way of life was not external, while Islamic Fundamentalism is challenging, frightening, and should never be ignored - the secret story line emerged that the greatest threat to America was our own self-destruction, an internal path of division that has to be halted or we will not prevail as a country. 

The American people resoundingly voted for Senator Barack Obama because he spoke words that we need to believe in order to prevail. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell elucidated these observations on Meet The Press -

"I come to the conclusion that because of his ability to inspire, because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out all across America, because of who he is and his rhetorical abilities...... as well as his substance, he has both style and substance, he has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president.  I think he is a transformational figure, he is a new generation coming onto the world stage, the American stage and for that reason, I will be voting for Senator Barack Obama."

May change really be the winner...........


Alaskan Ice Princess & Grumpy Old Grandpa


There are two visions of John McCain – the handsome, young, military hero who was brave beyond belief during his years in captivity facing torture at the hands of his captures in North Vietnam - and the older John McCain, a desperate man facing the last gasp at the presidency, mumbling as he walks cross the stage during a presidential debate - Grumpy Old Grandpa.  

Grumpy Old Grandpa collides across the world stage proclaiming his role as an agent of change in Washington yet tauting his thirty years of experience fighting world evil as necessary to fight Islamic Fundamentals in the world.  It is this McCain - Grumpy Old Grandpa - who disconnects with young voters when he shares his inability to deal with the Internet, drawing attention to his age and alienation from a generation of young voters who cannot fathom voting for a man who does not know his way around the Internet nor the currency of information exchange on Facebook and YouTube.

The choice of the Alaskan Ice Princess as the vice-presidential candidate drew the stage curtains closed -  the unnerving Hail Mary demonstrated that McCain was driven by pure blind greed – the last gasp at the presidency.  McCain chose to throw away his maverick self and ditch his real vice presidential choice, Joe Lieberman – the Jewish Democrat – an alliance that would have attracted Hillary voters, moderate Republicans, middle-class voters and certainly the Jewish vote.  It was clear that the choice of a Jewish running mate would alienate the religious radical wing that dominates the Republican party – instead of reaching out to middle America, McCain crumbled.

It was clear that the most obvious choice for vice-president  to create a winning Republican ticket was The Mormon, Mitt Romney, the politically prudent choice. Mitt Romney would have guaranteed McCain moderate Republican voters as well as independent swing Democrats who are weary of Obama. The capitalist business vote was inherent in the Romney choice. However, fearful that "The Mormon" would be a deadbreaker for the radical religious wing of the Republican party - McCain crumbled.

When McCain chose to cater to the radical religious wing in his party and chose Sarah Palin, the Alaskan Ice Princess for vice-president - Grumpy Old Grandpa emerged.  The Alaskan Ice Princess galvanized the the radical religious wing of the Republican party, the only voting block already McCain territory. With her austere politics, religious fervor, pregnant teenage daughter and $150,000 makeup and wardrobe, the Alaskan Ice Princess alienated the most important voter group, middle-class Americans who have witnessed the decline of their hard-earned dollars during the last eight years under Republican rule.

The Alaskan Ice Princess and Grumpy Old Grandpa are not believable as agents of change when retirement accounts vanquished in the era of corporate greed epidemic in the Republican Bush-Cheney world domination.  The Alaskan Ice Princess and Grumpy Old Grandpa are not believable as agents of change when the excessive money spent in Iraq is seen thrown to the pockets of Big Oil = Halliburton.

The Alaskan Ice Princess and Grumpy Old Grandpa are not believable as agents of change when our banking system, led by greedy, corrupt mortgage lenders leave our economy standing on the brink of disaster thanks to the policies of corruption in the Republican Bush-Cheney administration.

This is an election that looks to rebuke the Bush-Cheney era, wherein the upper class flourishes, corporate thieves receive million dollar bailouts, and the middle-class is left groping. Hardworking taxpayers feel forgotten and trampled upon. Real Americans, the overworked middle, lower, and working class is facing an election that has manifested concerns for our economical survival as a nation – and more pointedly, our legacy as a nation - what it means to be an American - our legacy in the world, amid the reflection of wasted dollars and American lives in Iraq. 

"Real Americans"- have declared in the national polls - it was a bad idea to ignore us.