New York State handed the 74-year old Democrat candidate Senator Bernie Sanders a major loss, ending his winning streak, stopping the "Feel The Bern" momentum. New York State is Hillary Clinton's home state, and yet Sanders lost New York by only 284,000 people. It was Clinton versus Sanders, the political bully taking aim at the socialist dreamer, who is waking up too late to the reality of the Clinton machine.

Energized by a string of victories and overconfident, Sanders squandered his time in the Empire State with a trip to the Vatican in the middle of the run-up to the election in Clinton's adopted home state with precious high number of electoral college votes.

Then the New York Daily News released a bombshell, the deadly transcript of Sanders’ interview with the Daily News editorial staff that indicated a complete lack of substance, no details to Sanders big ideas, such as breaking up big banks. The transcript showed there were no solutions, only the dreams of a 74-year old Socialist Democrat who had been in the Senate over 35 years and had accomplished little in his entire time in the Senate towards achieving any of his promised economic goals.

There was the over the top reaction to the Washington Post headline showing Clinton had questioned Sanders’ qualifications for the presidency during a "Morning Joe" interview when Sanders revealed his new cut-throat strategy in a rally in Philadelphia slamming Clinton as the former secretary of state and senator as the primary switched focus to New York.

“She has been saying lately that she thinks that I am, quote, unquote, not qualified to be president... Well let me, let me just say in response to Secretary Clinton: I don’t believe that she is qualified if she is," declared Sanders. "If she is, through her super PAC, taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds. I don’t think you are qualified if you get $15 million from Wall Street through your super PAC."

"I don’t think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in Iraq. I don’t think you are qualified if you’ve supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement, which has cost us millions of decent-paying jobs. I don’t think you are qualified if you supported the Panama free trade agreement, something I very strongly opposed and which, as all of you know, has allowed corporations and wealthy people all over the world to avoid paying their taxes to their countries," screamed Sanders.

The Clinton campaign pounced back..... using the Sanders’ Daily News interview to highlight the Sander's candidacy weakness — Sanders could not follow through on his economic promises. “He lost a lot of credibility....he was shown to be someone who tapped into the anger in the electorate on the left with broad-stroke ideas that sound good, much like Santa Claus delivering gifts at Christmas time, but without the details."” said Jay Jacobs, Clinton fundraiser explaining Team Clinton's publication of the transcript.

The Clinton Machine vs. The Socialist Sanders is the political corruption taking aim at the political dreamer, who is waking up too late in this campaign to offset the brutal reality of the Super Delegate Clinton machine.



The Celtics wore down the Warriors in an 109-106 victory that demolished the dream streak of home wins, beating the Warriors by relentless grit basketball, ending the dream streak of the Stephen Curry led mythical Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors has been on dream streak 54 home game winning tear vying to break the NBA record 72 wins in a season but were stopped by the relentless grit basketball of the legendary Celtics .... the franchise with 17 rings, the most of any NBA team.

“(The Warriors) didn’t play well but I feel like our guys deserve credit for having something to do with that,” said Celtics coach Brad Stevens.

Celtics team inspirational player, Isaiah Thomas felt the team can play at this level and continue to win. “It says a lot about this team and hopefully gives us confidence for us to end the season off the right way and playing at a high level.” said Thomas. “That was the funnest game I’ve been a part of just because every time they hit us with something, we hit them right back. Usually teams don’t do that. That’s when they go on their run.”

NBA's top player, Stephen Curry had 29 points, but he missed 3-pointers and had seven turnovers. “I think the biggest meaning is .. the idea that we can bounce back from a night like (Thursday) where we extended a considerable amount of energy and came up short, flew here, got in late and came to compete again,” Coach Stevens said.

Golden State is the top scoring team in the NBA at 115.1 points a game, while the C’s are No. 5 with 105.6 per. Nobody counted on the Celtics to stop the dream streak..... no one counts on the Celtics for a major playoff run.....

When Danny Ainge traded Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Greene, Celtics Championship Banner #18 was lost in the trade. It is time to bring it home #18 to the NBA's greatest basketball team.



The world watched the sickening images of the suicide- bombing attack at the Brussels airport, then the subsequent suicide-bombing of metro train in Brussels.... ISIS style terror that created the endless carnage in Brussels, it was horrifying...especially as the Leader of Free World danced on.

The death toll from the Brussels suicide-bombing attacks on the airport, and the rush-hour train, rose to 35 on Monday. In addition, 340 people were wounded while 96 people were still being treated in hospitals, 55 in intensive care. These were all innocent people whose lives intersected with Brussels at the luckless deadly moment.

Unnerving were the images of President Obama dancing the tango during his historic trip to Buenos Aires, the first time an American President has been to Cuba in almost 90 years. The Cuban itinerary included a baseball game alongwith the tango dancing........ none of it altered after the horrific ISIS bombing attacks in Brussels, the trite Obama optics all wrong.

The president defended his actions in the aftermath of the bombings at the Brussels airport and subway, arguing that ISIS should not be allowed to disrupt Americans’ lives, “Their primary power, in addition to killing innocent lives, is to strike fear in our societies, to disrupt our societies," said the President. “Even as we are systematic and ruthless and focused in going after them -- disrupting their networks, getting their leaders, rolling up their operations -- it is very important for us to not respond with fear.”

Really. It seems very important that people recognize the threat of continued attacks from ISIS, and respond appropriately, letting our fear lead to protective measures that must be taken to ensure free societies wherein people can board trains and planes, without risk to their lives. Fear should drive forward the truth, that ISIS Muslim Extremists wish to destroy the world of the infidels, by suicidal bombings that seek glory in death and the hereafter.

ISIS must be stopped in the bloodbath revisionism of the Muslim religion, dancing the tango is not the right response, it is denial, it is viscerally weak political optics.

Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations bluntly stated on MSNBC, "The advance person who let him do the tango, that person ought to be looking for work on somebody’s campaign very, very far away...... that was a tremendous mistake.”



There is no path to the nomination for one-term Republican Senator, Marco Rubio -- who now lives in a political theatre run amok..... he spends all his time over reacting in televised Republican debates and over-acting on predominately Spanish speaking stages in the United States. Florida, his home state, has become a must win for the over-dramatic, desperate Marco Rubio.

Rubio talks of driving around the country asking for votes in his pickup truck, is Rubio delusional??? Is he dreaming of the reincarnation of Senator Scott Brown's lucky pickup truck in the Republican's surprise win in Bluest of the Blue, Massachusetts?

After the poor results in the Super Tuesday contests, the Rubio campaign is catching up with voter reality -- there is no lucky pickup truck full of delegates -- the truth of delegate math has revealed the unthinkable.... Donald Trump, an outsider will win the Republican nomination of the party. Rubio better learn to play nice in the sandbox......

Rubio is now facing the real possibility of losing the winner take all primary in the Sunshine State. The Florida senator will be a humiliated when his campaign must face voter reality on March 15, the possibility of the loss in the must-win Senator's home state. Moreover, it is now an uphill battle as Trump leads in the polling in Florida, his second home state.

Rubio can spend all his time and resources in Florida, but the delegate math tells the truth; voters have rejected the muddling moderate political theatrics......... Adios Rubio.



Donald Trump accomplished two goals in South Carolina -- he won the conservative Southern state primary with ease, outpacing his Republican rivals, and he buried the Jeb Bush candidacy. Bush outspent all the other Republican candidates, yet was Bush-Wacked in South Carolina, after trotting out his older brother George. The youngest Bush brother had to leave the race with his head hung low. Trump has put the Bush family political legacy to rest.

The former Florida governor was unprepared for this year's anti-establishment Republican race -- Jeb Bush was the not ready for prime time candidate. Jeb did not understand this election's agenda; for Republicans, it is all about the outsider, Donald Trump. The political base is letting go of establishment Republicans that are epitomized by the Bush family, born With Silver Spoons in their Collective Mouths, thank you Ann Richards, former Governor of Texas.

The rules have changed this year. The son and brother of former presidents were on the wrong side of political history -- Jeb's Silver Spoon mild mannerisms could not contain the bloodlust of the heated political Republican base. The GOP base is hostile to any establishment candidate, especially Bush, who defined the immigration problem as a search for love, did not project any toughness or strength against the verbose Trump who plays to the camera expressing the angst that has crept into the American populace that has been left behind in the American political theatre.

It was Tough Karma for Jeb Bush. who had to step down from his delusional presidential run after being Bush-wacked and Beat-down in South Carolina.