Reporting from the bluest of the blue states, Tough Karma hits Massachusetts - The Big Dig revolt arises from the citizenry impatience with the powers that control the political structure of this Commonwealth - Bluest of the Blue Big Dig Revolt predicts the collapse of the Democratic stronghold - the political power base here in Massachusetts.

Of course, this is wrong and the Democratic stranglehold on this state will never end and will soon reflect itself on the national landscape.

The Obamites were blasted when Hillary trumped their man Barack in the Massachusetts primary - these Hillary voters fell in line - they are older, middle and lower class voters who feel ignored - by the upper echelon in Washington, D.C.  They are worried about their financial lives and are disenchanted with the status quo of Taxachussetts - these voters are overburdened with state regulations, state taxes, and have witnessed the loss of the working base population - the real tax base - in Massachusetts, one of two states losing population - New York is the only other state with greater population migration.

The prediction here is that the Governor Deval Patrick's higher taxes, higher tolls will wither the contributing citizens of Massachusetts and this tax and spend philosophy will be the hidden gem among the Obama jewels that the new leader of the free world - welcoming in the new era - will mirror his comrade in arms, Governor Deval Patrick and hand pick among the Clinton base and therefore, Massachusetts based democratic leadership to fill his cabinet. 

Tough Karma for Americans who value less spending, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.

While the next leader of the free world is milking the vice presidential run for all it is worth....... playing out the announcement of Senator Joseph Biden until show time at the Democratic Convention.............. while full of showmanship, our leader, Odrama............ the man who understands the value of high drama.......... should incorporate smart strategy as the mark of the nation.  This nation will demand two feet on the ground when the theatrics are over.

The Odrama Continues..........





John McCain is being heralded as the great independent Republican candidate – the only possible scenario for a Republican victory – Republican leadership and the rank and file should be more grateful.

McCain’s choice is clear – to win voters in blue and red states, he needs to pick a running mate that answers these issues: age, independence, the economy, and race.Yes, race is a key factor this year – it is the evolution of the species on display – we have moved forward and will nominate a person of color to be President in one of the two major parties in the United States.

Republicans need to answer that challenge, people are hungry for representation. There are choices that can show the viability of Black Republicans in leadership positions - former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts, Jr., or Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, even retired General Colin Powell General, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The beleaguered middle, lower-middle, and working class want to believe in their future – their financial future and the security of this nation during these challenging times.  John McCain is the only candidate who can be the independent candidate – and walk the bipartisan waters.  People want help with the economic challenges of these times - they do not want their leader pandering to the extreme right wing of his party - that offends the vast majority of voters. 

McCain must answer the survival range of concerns for all voters, economic in nature within the fight against global terrorism - then he can be the one Republican who can reach the middle ground within his party to choose his running mate - and give voters a choice that matters to all ages, classes and color that believe in America's future.

John McCain's running mate needs to be the face of the future of America. 



When the traditional media and online political pundits declared that the Democratic race was over; that Barack Obama would be the nominee of the party after his pounding of Hillary Clinton in North Carolina and her razor edge victory in Indiana - it became clear that Tough Karma hit Hillary Clinton.  It was time for her to exit stage left.

While no one can predict exactly when Hillary Clinton will be forced to cut her deal with the Democratic party and negotiate the end of her candidacy, the signs are there that the packaging of her withdrawal exists in exchange for her support of the Democratic nominee for president.  The melodrama of the Democratic convention has lost some spirit as super delegates and party leaders call out for unity – seeking to defeat John McCain.

When the Democratic ticket emerges - John McCain will have to address the naivity of the Democratic party – wherein the apparent evil in our enemies is never addressed.  The idea that evil exists and America has fought on the side of rightfulness – the Democratic theology is based upon the principle that good exists in people, Republicans understand that evil dominates, independents such as this maverick writer just want the right person at the right time steering the ship - as the battle for the human soul takes place.

The campaign strategy for the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain is to distance himself from an association with the incompetent Bush-Cheney administration and to focus on the inclusive general election strategy of winning voters in both blue and red states - based upon the theme that when facing an evil empire that wants to destory us, without national security there will be no more America - fights about caucuses, superdelegates or counting votes will not matter.

 Let's stay with the idea that there is a future.



I keep thinking of my group of friends who grew up together and how much they would laugh at Reverend Wright’s notion that we were all “white” – meaning White, Angle, Saxon, Protestant – better known as WASP - and therefore privileged. 

We were Italian, Jewish, Polish, Puerto Rico, Russian, German - that was how we defined ourselves. We spoke of ourselves in ethnic terms because that was the rules of the game, either you were a WASP or you were ethnic.

The rules were clear - we knew what part of town each group lived, we knew the foods served in those homes (Italians always got my vote), we knew the homes that demanded women do the cleaning and cook the food, that household work was not negotiable. There was a special pride in being Jewish at that time because Jewish moms were allowed to work, especially in the fields of education or medicine, but mainly the work was part-time.

More important than anything else, we knew exactly who we could date and who we could not date.

This Jewess fell in love but was never going to “date” the German boy she met at the park every day after high school. Our philosophical discussions and drunk rantings centered on the unfairness of life, that his blue collar family would not consider college as an option, nor could we entertain the thought of a German boy dating a Jewess. The lost love of my life has been a source of much angst in my fiction writing – we were mismatched adoring souls.

Than there is the story of my Italian friend whose mom cooked veal scallopini for him every night before he went to work, one of his many part-time jobs while in high school. We joked all the time about my jealousy watching him fed eloquently every night…… yet we knew underneath the kidding that his future was bleak. He was never going to college, his family needed him to work, they needed the money. It never occurred to his family that they were white and privileged, only that all the boys had to work right out of high school.

Reverend Wright is Oh, So Reverend Wrong. According to Reverend Oh, So Wrong, my Italian friend had been white and privileged, unaware of any hardships in life. Yet, my Italian friend kept a declining smile on his face, the dismal reality of his future in endless petty jobs sinking in – especially during his senior year of high school, while others got ready for college, the downturn in his demeanor was evident.  Tough Karma.

Then there was my blue collar Polish girlfriend, whose family worked the night shift at menial janitorial jobs, cleaning up offices and factories. Her parents made it clear to the children that no one should have any dreams about not working hard in life, because it was always doubly hard for Pollacks – their word - who could never catch a break.  Polish = Tough Karma.

My friend’s sister rebelled and fed her dreams, secretly teaching herself the violin, playing at night in her bedroom while her parents were at work cleaning other people’s mess. She was a gifted musician. The sister went on to become a concert violinist on full scholarships. Years later, she would lose her fingers in a mowing accident; her family was devastated because she had broken through the barrier – she was the Polish girl who had made her living from classical music.  In one of life’s true tough breaks – she could not recoup.  Real Tough Karma.

My grandmother was a stowaway on a boat to America, hidden below the deck. This young woman was forced to leave her entire family behind in Russia who were summarily killed by the Nazis. In America, she reunited with an older sister who had to hide her stowaway sister in the basement in fear of the husband who did not want to feed another mouth. When found out, the two sisters were beaten endlessly by the malevolent husband who went crazy with the responsibility of feeding another Jewess. Of course, both sisters were frightened to death - of Nazis, men beating them, hiding on ships, deportation.

My grandmother taught me a million ways to cook potatoes, how to cut up dandelions for salads, how to eat the crab apples that fell on the ground because not eating food the grew outside was unthinkable - you never wasted food. I can only imagine her surprise if I could have explained to her that she was “white” and privileged.

My other Jewish friend had a father who stayed alive by playing a mean game of knives at the camps, willing to lose a finger to live - he played with the guards - that was how he survived the concentration camps. These were not camps where you built fires, roasted marshmallows and sang songs about being white and celebrating life.  This was the game that got him throwaway grub from the German soldiers who were entranced with the Jew who would gamble on losing a finger just to get some dirty food.  Tough Karma.

Then again, Reverend Wrong only sees two colors, black and white – that sums up exactly what is wrong with his view of the world.  Reverend Wright is Oh, So Reverend Wrong

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