Dallas, Texas must be the energy center of our collective American Dream crisis - President Kennedy was assassinated in the back seat of a motorcade in downtown Dallas in 1963, and now in 2016, five police officers have been assassinated in revenge style killings for the deaths of two black men shot by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota. All these deaths tear a hole in our collective hearts, this is the end of the American Dream, it is now the American Dream Crisis.

It is the belief that our lives will be better than the generations that have come before us, economically, culturally, socially, we can overcome past cultural divisions, and open the gateways to all people to live life free, these freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution. We depend on that belief to live together as a diverse nation that is suppose to give all of us the freedom to worship disparate religions, speak our minds openly, write our truthful blogs, report the news openly and critically, engage in open political discourse... the American Dream Crisis has begun in July 2016.

The five police officers in Dallas were ambushed protecting a peaceful march of the Black Lives Matter movement. The march was prompted by shootings of two black men by police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and St. Paul, Minnesota -- videos of those deaths went viral and open warfare against police officers was declared by Micah Xavier Johnson, a former military veteran who served in Afghanistan, a black man angry about the deaths in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Quinyetta McMillon, the mother of Alton Sterling, the young man who died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after being shot by police, released a statement in response to the murder of five police officers in Dallas, at a rally protesting police brutality. "We wholeheartedly reject the reprehensible acts of violence that were perpetrated against members of the Dallas Police Department,” the statement says. “Our hearts break for the families of the officers who were lost as they protected protesters and residents alike during a rally....responding to violence with violence is not the answer."

The question is...... how do we handle the American Dream Crisis..........

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