Cloaked in religious verbage, Omar Mateen, legally armed up and kills almost fifty human beings who are gay..... hiding behind the excuse of religious laws. The twisted violent nature of human beings becomes an evil nature within the twisted faith of Islamic extremism. It is modernized as the faith that encourages lone wolf terrorism madness to be put into motion. The glare of human violence can hide behind these views... against women, against Christians, against Jews, against Gays. It is the battle for the human soul....do we allow evil acts to continue or do we address the modern Armageddon Terrorists War??

Armageddon terrorists wars have begun.... the excuse is twisted views on homosexuality embedded within Islamic Muslim extremist beliefs. The terrorist attack took place at a gay club in Orlando, Florida involved a Muslim loaded up with extensive firearms, including an assault-style weapon – the attack left 49 people dead and more than 50 injured. The mass murder of human beings... the battlefield of Armageddon will land between the Islamic Muslims extremist world versus Western modern life, the centerpiece will fall within the gay community.

Dictionary.com defines Armageddon as: (1) the place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil (2) the last and completely destructive battle: The arms race can lead to Armageddon. and (3) any great and crucial conflict -- we are there, the human race has embraced the culture of Armageddon, when differences are settled by mass killings....... in this case, the targeted mass killing of LBGT individuals who were slaughtered by someone who harbored religious disgust of the gay lifestyle.

The murderer knew his weapons........ he was a licensed security guard. When will the Islamic Muslim extremists be called out as despicable fanatics in the Armageddon Terrorism War??

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