It is the Year of the Outsider in American elections, Republican candidate Donald Trump is testament to the allure of the Anti-Insider Outsider movement sweeping the country. Notorious liberal filmmaker Michael Moore explained the phenomenon on Meet The Press this past Sunday, "Donald Trump's supporters view the Republican presidential nominee as a human Molotov cocktail they can throw into a political system that has left them behind."

It is a striking image...... blowing up the political establishment... "Across the Midwest, across the Rustbelt, I understand why a lot of people are angry. And they see Donald Trump as their human Molotov cocktail that they get to go into the voting booth on Nov 8. and throw him into our political system," Moore said on Meet the Press. "I think they love the idea of blowing up the system," he said.

Bernie Sanders anti-Washington campaign generated huge turnout of millennials who felt the Clinton machine epitomized the Washington elite holding onto power, afraid to pass the torch to the next generation. Sanders inspired millennial and independent voters during the Democratic primaries to get involved in politics and join the movement to transform America. And Sanders almost won, as student loan debt is crushing the dreams of millennials, his candidacy was appealing.

"Is anyone here ready to transform America?” Sanders asked the crowd at the University of New Hampshire in New Hampshire recently, Sanders voiced his support for Clinton, “You've come to the right place.” Clinton's polished version lacks the verve, “We're going to put a moratorium so you don't have to pay your student debt back for a couple of years while you try and get your business started. We're also going to provide loan forgiveness for people who want to go into public service or national service.” Yada, yada, yada.

Jill Stein got into a war of words in the press with Senator Liz Warren for claiming that a vote for the Green Party nominee could only help Donald Trump. Stein, a Lexington physician said votes still need to be “earned.” “Politicians are not ‘entitled’ to our votes simply because they represent the establishment political parties,” said Stein who is polling single digits.

“With a majority of Americans rejecting (Hillary) Clinton and Trump with record high levels of dislike and distrust, neither of them has earned our votes. I say: Don’t waste your vote on politics as usual that’s throwing us under the bus. Invest your vote in a movement for real change,” read a statement issued by Stein. Warren had appeared at Roxbury Community College in support of the Democratic nominee Clinton, said a vote for Stein would effectively be one for Trump "Anything you do that helps Donald Trump get one inch closer to the White House is a danger to all of us,” Warren said, adding that a vote for Stein “moves Donald Trump closer to the White House.”

Stein, the Green Party nominee in 2012, shot back on Twitter, Sad to see @elizabethforma attacking real progressives on behalf of a Wall Street-financed campaign. #WalkTheWalk”

Moore summed up the critical role of the Outsider in this election, "Trump is not just comedy to me. I think that people see that he is maybe their messenger."

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