Patriots vs. Broncos in the AFC title game was an effort in futility, without coaches involved in game winning strategies, a complete absence of sanity. The Patriots offensive line basically disappeared against the Broncos defensive line on Sunday, and the defensive line won the game. The Broncos won the Superbowl on the backs on the defensive line, it had nothing to do with the disappointing performance of Peyton Manning.

Now Bill Belichick has made the decision to fire offensive line coach, Dave DeGulielmo. The Patriots have decided to part ways with DeGuglielmo after Tom Brady had one of the hardest hit days on the field in the past decade. Brady was hit hard and often. The Patriots' star quarterback was hit 20 times during Sunday's AFC title game, more than any other quarterback in any game all season, according to NFL.com. It was also the most hits that any quarterback had taken in a game since at least 2006.

"I got hit pretty hard today," Brady said. "We could never play with a lead. We never could play on our terms -- so it was an uphill battle all day."

Brady was sacked four times against the Broncos, but he did not blame the loss on his offensive line. "When you play quarterback, you're going to take hits. You have to stand in there and make throws. There are no excuses for me for not getting the job done," Brady said. "Our guys fought hard. I'm proud of all the guys for what they tried to accomplish. We just came up one play short to a very good football team."

Most glaring, were the decisions not to try for two field goals...... a decision that cost the game, had either field goal been complete, the game would have been won by the Patriots, changing the final score of 20-18. The risky decisions not to kick cost the game, alongwith the fatigued offensive line that sputtered along.

"It's a tough front with good players," Brady said. "They're teeing off on the cadence. We're trying to keep changing it up. They did a great job of it."

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