Donald Trump, the anti-establishment billionaire GOP candidate has changed The Boring 2016 Election.... upended the GOP game awash with the predictable political family heir apparent -- Jeb Bush. Trump, the wealthy outsider candidate has challenged Jeb Bush and the GOP contenders with his assertive and unscripted behavior. Trump has ignited the 2016 political election game as the Outsider Washington Candidate Gone Wild.

Bush, the presumed nominee, is losing to Trump as the true Bush has been revealed, a self-indulgent, political lightweight, losing the electorate with the same boring political verbiage of yesterday. Bush is losing to Trump on the stump, in the media and in the polls.

The Bush team is in a panic, his pundits biting their nails as Trump, the Washington Outsider has changed the game = it will not a boring 2016 election season. It will be Donald Trump headlining the 24-hour news cycle...... all the way to the GOP nomination.

Mike Murphy, chief strategist of the pro-Bush Super PAC Right to Rise misunderstood the role of Trump, the political outsider, and wrongly ignored the Trump candidacy, stating, that Trump is “other people’s problem”. Oooops..... Nope........ Trump is Tough Karma for Jeb Bush.

Trump has moved the GOP to the right on immigration, to the left on free trade and has the other GOP candidates stumbling in their confused state of being, without any clear GOP messages.

In response, Jeb followed Donald down to the Mexican border, attacking Trump and simultaneously emulating him - big mistake. For days, Jeb tried to explain his use of the term “anchor babies” to describe the American-born children of illegal immigrants. This offensive political correct society had Bush apologizing ever since. His defense was that he wasn’t impugning Hispanics, “You give me a better term and I’ll use it.” Really.

Trump is a fighter, pleased to take down the other family dynasty heir apparent, Hillary Clinton. Asked about his numbers rising in recent polls, Trump stated that the controversy surrounding Clinton's email use is "devastating," and that, "I think it's devastating for the election, but I think her bigger problem is not the election. I think her bigger problem is going to be the criminal (problem)."

Boom. Death Blow to the Clintons - the other political dynasty.

"I think that Hillary's going to have a hard time being in the election based on what's going on with the emails, the servers, maybe even the speeches," Trump said. "I think it's going to be a very hard thing for her to overcome."

Trump predicts his campaign will "do very well" and said he also beats Clinton on their Iraq War records -- Trump came out against the Iraq War in 2004. "Hillary's record as secretary of state was a disaster," Trump said. "She was in favor, totally in favor, of the Iraq War, which is obviously not a good soundbite." Both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush believe it is their historic destiny to be President. Trump loves a fight, loves a challenge, Donald Trump will love to prove them wrong.

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