Pat Riley, President of the Miami Heat, had it all wrong when he criticized LeBron James for breaking up a dynasty when James left the Heat, moving back home to chase basketball dreams of winning an NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. "You don't break up a dynasty, that will be your legacy," said Riley. Wrong. LeBron James is the dynasty, the Miami Heat were simply a part of the LeBron James legacy.

Now, LeBron will have to will the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA Championship, amid numerous team injuries.... Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving... it will be LeBron The Legacy vs. Stephen Curry & The Warriors Team. Here's the prediction...... Warriors will pull it out, but it will take seven games of mortal combat of great play on the NBA basketball courts.

Sports is about two components: Talent and Psychology. Talent - anyone playing in the professional sports leagues -- NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB -- has the talent; it is all about psychology when it comes to winning championships. LeBron may single-handedly demand the Cavaliers be the hungrier team in the 2015 NBA Finals, but in the end, the drive and talent of the entire team of Golden State Warriors will triumph... too many Warrior players will have the desire to beat the King and win the championship.

The Golden State Warriors finally wore down the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 4, in the 103-82 victory, leaving the series tied at 2-2. Curry noted that he was insulted by all the media attention given Cleveland's Matthew Dellavedova..... that did the trick. The reality of the media's attention given to a Cavalier player who had stepped up his game to offset the loss of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love == well, that sent Curry into the psychological warpath of redemption. Iguodala and Curry combined for 44 points, and the Warrior team's coordinated finesse outplayed the Cavaliers injury hit rotation.

The Warriors regain home-court advantage for Game 5 at Oakland’s Oracle Arena on Sunday -- this should be the crowning achievement for Curry to resurrect his name as MVP of NBA Championship Series. Curry can close this deal...... and have The King wait until next year.

Warriors, NBA Championship 2015.

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