Colts Coach Chuck Pagano, Cry-Baby Architect of the DeflateGate Blame Game -- cannot hide from the poor performance of his team, the Indianapolis Colts, losing 34-27 against the New England Patriots, 2015 NFL Champions -- on a vengeance tour against the Cry-Baby Sore Losers who created Deflategate in a whining tantrum. The Patriots plan to annihilate the historic allegations that slandered their greatness, within the context of a deep playoff run.

The Patriots have owned the Colts since Pagano took over as head coach in the 2012 season. The defending Super Bowl champions are looking for vengeance and to unleash their athletic brilliance, to annihilate sore losers and secure their legacy as one of the greatest football teams of all time.

New England fans celebrated the ill-fated botched play in the third quarter, as one more kick in the crotch to Cry Baby Coach Pagano, who will now be remembered mismanaging the Colts' with his call for the poorly executed Fake Punt vs. The Patriots that completely backfired. The fake punt now called one of the worst plays in NFL history by sports analysts across all media venues since the game on October 20, 2105.

The Indianapolis Colts completely botched the fake punt attempt in the third quarter, the attempt ridiculed in an Internet frenzy... Pagano, took the blame following the Colts’ defeat, refusing to negate the fake punt. "I’m not pleased, obviously", the Colts head coach told reporters, “with the way that we prepared the guys or coached the guys to go out and execute the play. That’s on me.... I’ve got to be better. But I don’t regret the play call at all.”

“You’re not surprised with anything, how they play,” Edelman said. “They tried the onside kick and they did that. You know – Colts.” The Patriots team fingered in the Deflategate scandal has now won seven consecutive games between the teams, including all five since Luck and Pagano came to Indianapolis in 2012, two of them in the playoffs. There’s no way owner Jim Irsay can keep Pagano around, especially after Cry Baby Pagano arrived at training camp in August, with his future in the organization on shaky grounds after an offseason when he turned down a one-year contract extension.

This unimpressive season coupled with the worst play call of his head-coaching career didn't help Pagano's cause of landing another contract with Indianapolis. Pagano tried to outsmart Bill Belichick with a fake punt attempt that didn’t fool the Patriots. A six-point deficit turned into a 13-point hole six plays after the failed trick play. The Colts lost 34-27 and ended up being the joke of the week = Colts Coach Cry Baby Pagano = Deflated!!!!

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